Reflections on the Course

I’m thankful things worked out how they did because i was originally not going to take this course. I honestly believe that taking this class had a not profound but profound effect on me. Had I taken British Literature II, and read 10 novels of this period I truly believe I might have been a slightly different individual in this current moment. The material covered has been both engaging and provocative and Professor Tougaw’s approach to teaching the material has been wonderful. Apart from learning about interesting dream theories, this class has also provided a unique psychoanalytical frame work to apply to certain appropriate texts. Blogging has been a unique experience as well. It is something I’ve never done before and in this context, it has been a positive and rewarding experience. Combined with the writing of the final paper, I feel that I’ve gained more confidence as writer. Writing about the irrational unconscious has been challenging and its been a a entertaining and refreshing process. Overall I was pleased with the structure of the course and the presentation of material. Each class was interesting in its own way and I feel that this select group of individuals contributed to a unique classroom environment. This class has also increased my affinity for studying psychology as a sort of hobby and I plan to continue with that. Thanks everyone for a great semester.

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