Fixing my Paper

It is going to be difficult to fix my paper because I no longer have use of my right hand. I am currently dictating this blog entry to my girlfriend as I was drinking too much soda last night and somehow my wrist got broken. Hopefully I can reformat it as that is the main issue. I got wrapped up with getting all of my ideas out on the paper and the structure suffered. Now that I have comments and suggestions I think I can reformulate my paper and effectively propel my argument. I have rethought my approach and have basically came up with a new introduction that will adequately communicate my motive and articulate my thesis properly. By emphasizing the more pertinent elements of my body in the introduction the paper will read easier and make more sense in totality. I have a strong idea of how I will edit the paper and build upon what is already there. I think that by shifting my focus and cutting out some unnecessary elements the paper will be substantially better. Overall all of the pre-production and draft process has really helped me dissect my chosen topic and the writing process has been rewarding.

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