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Okay so I just woke up and remember some little flashes of dream nonsense. Funny how this got in but, I was in Albany over the weekend because my friend graduated and was moving out. The vibe their was interesting because everyone left there was basically seniors who were graduating and moving on which led to some debauchery. Well this “Idea” about graduation was displaced all over my dream, if I finally understand this term, it was over-determining my dream. Now that you have that, here’s the dream which is bizarre but not unsettling. In the dream, I’m going to my graduation and I can’t tell if it’s the past (high school) or future (college). I’m with my friends that would indicate it was High School but there are also composites of individuals that I’ve encountered among my college career. This dream is rather stupid and they only vital (if even) information I remember is being part of a Trojan horse contraption that seemed to be one of those moving closets that are in the back of fashion shows (this is a wide generalization, taking what I know from television which infiltrates all our realities (am I using a second parenthesis… yes i am to reinforce this concept with David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and to take it even further; my friend’s roommate in New Paltz who is on a permanent acid trip told me he doesn’t need television to know he’s real and everything he says should be of great value. Well back to the dream… I’m arguing with somebody about a girl who was in my class last semester on whether or not she’s an Army Wife or has a child from a previous marriage in a foreign country. None of this is true and somewhere in the dream is a line for an amusement ride and disgruntled patrons.

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  1. on May 20, 2010 at 11:11 am wakemesoftly Said:

    This line “None of this is true and somewhere in the dream is a line for an amusement ride and disgruntled patrons” seemed to me like it summarzied your strange and weird dream. I think the idea of “graduation” to you is something like waiting for an amusement ride. Every one lines up and then has the thrill of a lifetime and when the ride is over you go on with life.

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