Getz/Gilberto plays throughout the Unconsoled

It’s easy to say that the unconsoled is tedious which everyone must feel on some level to the sheer fact that seemingly nothing happens while everything is happening.  It definitely has the ephemeral level of dreams to it and in a sense mirrors dreaming as the only thing Ryder knows is that there’s something happening but he is rather completely unaware of what it is and in the end only few things are memorable to the reader and to Ryder himself.  The unique style makes it feel like you’re literary reading about nothing but this is attributed to what the author himself discusses as the nature of identity (people, places, etc).  The prose reflects this as you’re in a sense transported within the conscious of Ryder as a peripheral observant, making the connections later on as if you’re going back and transcribing the narrative itself;functioning on some multi-conscious level where time is not so fixed.  Ryder drifts along seemingly oblivious at all of his surrounding himself and the people he meets while being led by the demands of others and occasionally being overwhelmed by nostalgia and drifting off into memories of times past.  As a reader the same sense of disorientation is felt and it’s convenient that people are always requesting something of him as to drive the narrative.  What’s going on as a question is very relevant to this novel, and this is a digression but the first third of La Dolce Vita was reminding me somehow of this book.

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  1. on May 12, 2010 at 6:12 pm Yume Said:

    My first impression of the Unconsoled is that I didn’t really find difficult to follow when I started to read it. Then the part of the porter and Ryder telling the reader about the porter’s past when it seemed that he just met him tripped me up. The multi-consciousness of the novel is an interesting literary experiment, I felt that it was just okay.

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