D.H. Lawrence orders a Gyro

I’m going to try to get as much of this out as I can upon getting out of bed.  This wasn’t one dream but a series of dreams after initially waking up two hours ago and going back to bed.  I must have fell into REM multiple times and have retained some entertaining dreams that were quite vivid both on a logical and visual level.  Okay so the first narrative I remember is being at my weekend job, but my friends are there and we’re waiting for something.  It’s almost like we’re waiting at an airport to leave for a trip and thus killing time.  So we’re in a convenience store and I’m looking for an unnamed D.H. Lawrence novel.  This is relatively important because it ties into the next narrative in an odd way but I’ll get to that later.  So of course I’m not finding it but I probably should because airports have bookstores now but i guess I didn’t articulate the airport bookstore setting adequately in my dream-thought.  Well the next thing I know is I’m trying to order food and I call this Mediterranean grill twice. The first time the girl who answers (who is not the person who ever answers in real life) confuses my words and hangs up on me.  I’m trying to order a falafel patty with hummus sandwich and she indignantly tells me that they don’t have chicken “abstract incorrect word”.  I’m frustrated and call back again and this time she’s even more reluctant to take my order and after giving her my name she pretends to know me and proceeds to inquire if I’m going to the Christmas party.  This makes me very angry and I tell her off with some not so nice words.  Okay so back to the D.H. Lawrence connection.  Now in another narrative, I’m in my bed and it’s much like reality like I had woken up and this is what’s going on in my room, not that I really believe it to be true but it just feels “different” (words are failure).  This kid I work with is in the room and apparently he lives with me now.  Initially it’s just me and him but then his “friends” appear and they start to fill up my room but the reasons he’s there is that he’s writing a paper on my computer and he requires my assistance.  Believe it or not I’m suggesting he read Gordon Harvey’s guide and we’re looking for the file on my computer.  The D.H. Lawrence connection is that he had been reading a copy of Sons and Lovers one day at work and we discussed the book.  It’s funny how his presence can sort of be related to the first dream in such a manner.  Given they are related it’s interesting to see how the dreaming mind makes associations and although the dreams have relatively little to do to one another this D.H. Lawrence connection does act as a transitional utility into the next dream.  Well back in the dream, the tasks of writing the paper grows harder and harder as his friends become more lively.  Again like in some previous dreams, I can distinctly call now upon waking the faces of these people whom I created.  We never really work on the paper and at one point this 70’s looking black kid is playing Simon and Garfunkel’s “So Long Frank Lloyd Wright” on an acoustic guitar although he’s just miming it and lip syncing as the sound is coming from the computer which also displays upon its screen what I think now is an Itunes store page of 70’s soul music.  In another dream, I’m reading about a semi-pornographic film that apparently must have been profound as I was (kind of weird to use the present tense of am, right?) perusing a web page dedicated to it’s production and while I first wrote details of this dream, I deleted it as its not very appropriate or interesting in anyway and it really wasn’t very arousing.  It wasn’t going to be some trash novel about an aging actress who falls asleep in her trailer and wakes up to Fabio going down on her in 1764.

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